Radha Richmond, Ed.S

Radha Richmond, LEP

Licensed Educational Psychologist CA LEP #3249

After attending UC Davis for her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Radha went on to UC Santa Barbara to obtain her Master’s degree in Education. She then worked as a substitute teacher and then a secondary general education social studies teacher in an urban school district for four years. During her time as a general education teacher, she also worked at UC Berkeley in a temporary seasonal position in undergraduate admissions. She used the knowledge gained there to support the students she worked with as a teacher to get into college and provided free college admissions workshops. She then worked at a local university as a program advisor for graduate education and credential programs while also enrolled as a student in a school psychology program.

After finishing her program and internship, she worked for a county office of education as a psychologist where she worked in the juvenile hall detention facility as well as working with deaf and hard of hearing students, and moderate to severely disabled students. She received her preliminary administrative credential, and then was then promoted to become a principal of these programs, and as principal she opened a new program for students with autism who also had severe behavioral challenges. This program grew to serve students in grades K-22.  During this time, she also passed her licensing exam to become a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP).  She then left to work for a SELPA which served sixteen school districts including a county office of education. During her time at the SELPA, she has done numerous professional development seminars for teachers, psychologists, principals, special education directors and other administrators, para-educators, and other related services staff. She has helped to build programs to support students with autism, preschool programs, co-teaching programs, as well as others. She has worked with a variety of non-public school settings and staff members and is very familiar with the non-public school offerings in the Bay Area. She has also worked with a variety of public agencies such as Regional Centers and other early intervention programs, to support students with disabilities transitioning to the public school setting.  As an LEP with her own private practice, she has assessed many different adults and youth to support their educational endeavors and offered consultation services to a myriad of schools and individuals/families. She has also participated in a variety of volunteer opportunities to support students in the Bay Area with college access and attainment.