Sarah Vakharia, LEP

Sarah Vakharia, LEP

Southern California Regional Manager

Sarah has a passion for working with children and has been helping children find success throughout her graduate work and career as an Educational Psychologist and consultant. During her undergraduate work, Sarah worked as a bereavement counselor for students who had experienced loss. This experience lead her to pursue a graduate degree in School Psychology in order to have a more widespread impact on children in need. READ FULL BIO

Rachael Kleffer, LEP 


Rachael Kleffer has worked as a school psychologist, with nearly two decades of experience. In that time, she has helped families in a variety of settings, and across age groups, including kindergarten through high school. Rachael has also worked with children with various disabilities and severities. 

Rachael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fresno State University, a Master’s degree in Education with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential, and a California license as a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP). READ FULL BIO

Radha Richmond, LEP

East Bay Regional Manager

After attending UC Davis for her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Radha went on to UC Santa Barbara to obtain her Master’s degree in Education. She then worked as a substitute teacher and then a secondary general education social studies teacher in an urban school district for four years. During her time as a general education teacher, she also worked at UC Berkeley in a temporary seasonal position in undergraduate admissions. She used the knowledge gained there to support the students she worked with as a teacher to get into college and provided free college admissions workshops. She then worked at a local university as a program advisor for graduate education and credential programs while also enrolled as a student in a school psychology program. READ FULL BIO

Suzanne Reynaud-Roepke, Ph.D., LEP 


Dr. Suzanne Reynaud-Roepke (Dr. Seuz) first began her “training” in human behavior and mental disease as a child growing up with her father, who was both a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, educated from Harvard and later, Stanford. Suzanne herself, earned her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Special Education at University of Nevada, Reno; and both a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology and Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Southern California. Upon completion of her PHD at USC, she was awarded by the National institute of Mental Health a postdoctoral fellowship in the Dept of Psychiatric Research at UC San Diego Medical School. READ FULL BIO

Emory Lee Admin Assistant

Emory Lee

Administrative Assistant

Emory has had experience in the clerical field for over 15 years, beginning at her father’s lumber company as a bookkeeping assistant. After receiving her certificate in medical billing and coding in 2010, she went on to work for a veterinarian hospital as a receptionist until 2014. She then served as a nanny for multiple families with children ranging from 8 weeks to 5 years old. She joined ARI in 2017 as an administrative assistant, where she serves as a parent liaison, scheduler, and contractor intake coordinator. Along with her certificate in medical billing and coding, Emory is currently working towards her bachelors of liberal studies in developmental psychology. She enjoys Pilates, running, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her husband and their three year-old daughter.