Psychoeducational Assessment Services for Bay Area Public Schools

Public schools are challenged to meet the increased demand for special education assessments with decreased staff. Contracting with Assessment Resources Incorporated (ARI) for psychoeducational assessment services has been a successful strategy for many school districts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

ARI provides exemplary and timely integrated psychoeducational assessment services at school sites and in-home. Our goal is to maximize the learning potential of each student, while tending to special education laws and parameters.


Led by ARI founder Alisa ‘Cai’ Baker Ph.D., ARI is a team of licensed clinical/educational psychologists with PPS credentials. This unique service model enables us to handle a large assessment volume throughout the Bay Area.

  • Decades of combined special education assessment experience
  • Adjustable, flexible contract services
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Robust IEP team members
  • Interdisciplinary experience
  • Assessment timeline catalysts

Benefits of working with ARI

With the help of ARI, your special education department will be at ease and up to date with the demands of timely special education assessment.