Cai Baker Ph.D.

Alisa ‘Cai’ Baker Ph.D.


Licensed Psychologist CA. # 21588
Pupil Personnel Services Credential (Clear)

Alisa ‘Cai’ Baker is energized by an inherent curiosity in human development and the environmental context in which it takes place. Her life-long passion for supporting children and families was energized by her own gratifying and humbling experience of raising two children, now young adults. 

Passionate about Helping All Students Progress

Having worked in direct and adjunct special education arenas for over 20 years, Cai knows how to maximize the educational progress of all students as well as appreciate the rewards and challenges of special education service delivery for public school districts. She is highly regarded in her field as thorough, understanding, and gifted at clear communication when it matters most.

Dedicated to Continuing Education & Personal Growth

Cai obtained her certification/PPS credential as a school psychologist in the state of Kentucky in 1992. After finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky College of Educational and Counseling Psychology, Cai obtained Kentucky licensure as a psychologist in 1997. After one year serving as a staff school psychologist, Cai entered private practice focused on home-based early assessment and intervention (IFSP) and multidisciplinary assessment of low incidence handicapping conditions in children. Following seven years in private practice, Cai moved to California in 2006 for a clinical staff position at Santa Cruz County Children’s Mental Health. Cai has been licensed as a psychologist in the state of California since 2007. During her 6.5 year tenure at Santa Cruz County, Cai continued her work i.e., assessment, intervention, and supervision in the special education arena via Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS).

After leaving Santa Cruz County in 2012, Cai re-entered private practice, serving as a contract assessor for Easter Seals in the Bay Area before renewing/transferring her PPS credential to the state of California. Cai has worked as a staff and contract school psychologist in the Bay Area since 2013.

Seasoned Mental Health Therapist with Expertise in Intervention Modalities

In addition to 20+ years of experience in the field of special education, Cai is a seasoned mental health therapist with advanced training in state-of-the-art intervention modalities for children, families, and adults such as Triple P and AEDP. She has successfully run private practices in Kentucky as well as California.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Cai enjoys cycling, yoga, partner dance, and hiking the beautiful Bay Area hills.